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karkat proposing to terezi in humanstuck


Sighing, you lay on your back in the dark of Terezi’s room. The floor is hard, not to mention pretty fucking cold, but it’s pretty easy to ignore it. Looking up, you glance at the blind her on her extremely small bed. “Hey, Terezi?”

“What?” Her voice is partially muffled by her pillow, and without thinking you smirk.

“We should get married.”

Almost immediately you can hear a shuffling of blankets along with creaking of the bed.

“What are you talking about?”

“Marriage. I said that we should get married.”

“Are you sleep talking?” Her voice is full of disbelief.

“What, do you think we shouldn’t? It’s not like we met each other yesterday.” You sit up and turn around to look at her. Or at least try to since the light it still turned off.

“I never said that. It’s just, marriage isn’t something someone usually jumps into.”

“I’m not ‘jumping into’ it. It’s not like we don’t act like we’re fucking married already. Even Kanaya says that we fight like an old couple.”

Terezi doesn’t comment on that, but instead stays completely silent; frowning and biting her lip in concentration. When she does speak, she seems to be completely confident in her decision.


She hums a “yes”, giving you a soft smile.

Your name is Karkat Vantas, and - just like that - you are now engaged to Terezi Pyrope.
- Riley
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